Proteus – Call Analytics for Microsoft Teams

Proteus call analytics for Microsoft Teams, is an advanced application that can be fully embedded as an app into your Microsoft Teams client or accessed via a browser, and is one of the first Call Record analytics applications for Microsoft Teams on the market. Designed to provide medium to large corporations detailed analysis of corporate communications and collaboration systems. Helping businesses to maximize their return on investment and management of these business critical services.

Enghouse Proteus provides companies with comprehensive analysis of Teams usage and can combine this with analysis from other communications platforms in use within your organisation to provide a consolidated view across your business. This is achieved by presenting analysis, via dashboards and reports, of call records and QoS data imported from Teams and other sources.

Deliver detailed analysis of Microsoft Teams and other communications systems

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Productivity and KPI Measurements

Measure staff activity to ensure both productivity and work-life balance is maintained.  This is particularly relevant with high levels of home working.

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Migration Planning

If you are transitioning from on-premise PBX systems or Skype for Business to MS Teams. Proteus is ideally placed to provide detailed usage analysis before, during and after migration.

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Quality of Service

Monitor your communications network and remote workers to ensure consistent quality of service is being maintained and identify issues quickly.

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Cost Management

Identify unused or under used assets for discontinuation; run cost analysis and cost allocation on PSTN and mobile services; identify potentially costly fraudulent use of services.

Business Intelligence for MS Teams

Proteus  call analytics for Microsoft Teams provides business analysis tools focused on interpreting the complex usage and costs associated with their communications and collaboration platforms. It achieves this using fully customisable dashboards and a comprehensive set of reporting features.

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UNICODE Case Study Podcast

Long-standing key partner Unicode joined Enghouse to discuss their experience with Proteus call accounting solution. Click here to listen to the podcast.